Gypsum Drop-off

The mineral gypsum has many uses today. In addition to building construction in the form of drywall, gypsum is also widely used as a soil amendment, in the production of cement, and as an ingredient in the manufacturing of many types of commercial products.

Since the gypsum makes up approximately 90% of the weight of a piece of drywall, AgRecycle can recover gypsum from the drywall so as to be able to recycle a majority of the material. Scrap gypsum drywall is currently being recycled at AgRecycle’s location in central Indiana –providing local farmers with an additive to composting operations as well as to soils and crops directly to improve soil drainage and plant growth.

Despite its successful use in farms and other applications, most drywall in North America is still disposed in landfills. Challenges to widespread recycling include collection and separation, and the need for more education of potential end users of the recycled material.

AgRecycle accepts clean, new construction (non demolition) drywall scraps — with no trash. Contact us today for more information.