Compost Material

Soil can become more productive if certain amendments are completed. The amendments may be to add nutrients which are essential for healthy plants. Or the amendments may be to improve the structure and tilth of your soil.

Local soils may benefit from adding bulk compost and/or top soil. We offer rich, fertile, dark topsoil. Mixing this topsoil with most other soils will improve the general characteristics of those other soils.

Compost can help two ways. It will add essential nutrients–naturally occurring organic nutrients. It will also improve the general structure of your soils.

Compost is an organic product which is formulated from various manures and other post-consumer waste products. Processing the components into the final product requires expertise and time to ensure optimum quality compost is produced. We take pride in our composting operation as we know we are providing a valuable service to our community and society overall. Composting reduces the amount of waste products going into landfills. And a valuable product is offered.

Benefits of using compost include:

  • Increases soil fertility and soil digestion
  • Increases microbial activity and organic matter content of soil
  • Provides high humus levels
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Alters soil to have a positive effect against insects and pests
  • Improves buffering capacity (neutralizes pH in the soil)
  • Neutralizes harmful compounds
  • Converts and stores excess nutrients in a plant-friendly manner
  • Reduces leaching
  • Infiltration of water is improved

Different types of manure are great ingredients for starting the composting process.